Processing of Household Waste

Processing of Household Waste

With the advancement of biotechnology, as now, would not be too difficult for us to seek their own household waste, with better and more productive. Maybe if you work in the field of fisheries, agriculture, livestock, or farm, you are not familiar with a waste treatment technology that uses the service microorganism-microorganism decomposers, especially related to ammonia, nitrite, H2S, and the like. The simplest and most obvious example of the mechanism of this decomposition is a complete ecosystem in the aquarium. In high school biology classes to date have described briefly on this subject, however, perhaps there is less attention to the topic.

In general and brief, the chain in the aquarium can be described like this: the fish (or other individuals like) to produce their metabolic waste in the form of dirt, and food remains, or mucous membranes are peeled off, which will be described by decomposing microorganisms be tasked with handling of ammonia (NH3). By bacteria are discussed in ammonia to nitrite (NO2), which in turn will be described by other bacteria into nitrate (NO3). Until here, the nitrate can be utilized by organisms already in the form of plants, including endangered species of lichens (algae), in addition to the types of larger plants. This is how the balance of the ecosystem in the aquarium can survive, the stability of the water quality maintained, and the lives of the individuals in it can run well.

In this example we can see clearly the prevalence of microorganisms (which we can not see with the naked eye) in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. This fact also applies to the balance of the ecosystem in other environments, such as our yard, or septic tank. Often we pay less attention to what we have or we scatter entered into important places that are considered dirty. We forget that the place of ‘dirty’ is precisely that keep our environment to be ‘clean’.

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