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Heart picutre

 The walls consist of three layers, namely:

  • Pericardium, the lining of the heart wrapping
  • Myocardium, the heart muscle is
  • Endocardium, the membrane that limits the heart room

Heart room:
The heart has 4 heart space that is:

  • 2 porch (atrium) is a sinister atrium / left atrium and dekster / right
  • Two chambers (ventricles) is vebtrikel sinister / left ventricle and dekster / right
  • Wall chambers (ventricles) of the heart is thicker than the walls of the porch (atrium).
  • Wall of the left ventricle is thicker than the walls, kana

Heart valve:

  • Between the heart chambers are connected by a valve or valves jantunh such as:
  • valvula trikuspidalis = leafy heart valve located between the three right atrium to right ventricle

Valvula bicuspidalis = bifoliate heart valve, located between the left atrium to left ventricle

  • The heart also has a chordae tendinae of heart muscle that keeps the valve (the valve)
  • the heart of food and O2 pulse canopy (arterial coronaria)
  • coronary heart disease due to coronary artery tersumbatnyanya
  • Including the involuntary muscles of the heart muscle is worked beyond the control of the coordination system.

cardiac nerve:

  • S.A node (node bang into Purkinje fibers
  • sinus arterio) is also called nodes keith – Flack, the nerve fibers contained in the right atrial wall near muaravena cava superior and inferior vena cava.
  • Nerve fibers, is a branch of the involuntary nervous system and is also influenced by the vagus nerve (the nerve-10)
  • AV node (atrial ventricular node) is also called Tawara node, located on the border between the porch (atrium) and chambers (ventricles)
  • Bundle of His, contained in the septum between the chambers which ramify into Purkinje fibers
  • mechanisms that stimulate the flow of the heart beat is:
  • stimulus -> node S. A -> File His -> Purkinje fibers -> contraction chambers (ventricles)

Pressure / heart rate:

  • In connection with the contract and the expansion of the heart, known for two kinds of blood pressure are:
  •  Systole: close event booths and blood out of the heart (cardiac contraction). At the normal pressures of approximately 120 mm Hg was
  • Diastole direction: Events of the expansion chambers of the heart and blood into the heart (cardiac relaxation), in the normal pressure is about 80 mm Hg
  • Instrument for measuring blood pressure sphigmomanometer

heart video click link below:

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